Are Chair Lift Wires Sharp

Are Chair Lift Wires Sharp? ANSWER HERE!

The movie “FROZEN” has got many wondering if chair lift wires are sharp or not. Personally, I believe some scenes are not well thought through.

One of such instances was when some nice folks get stuck overnight on a chairlift too high to jump to the ground, and it is mentioned that they can’t shimmy their way to a tower to get down because the chairlift cabling is razor sharp…… Seriously?

Are Chair Lift Wires Sharp?

No, the cables are round and thick, definitely not sharp!

The cable is made up of bundles of round wire, each bundle comprised of bundles of smaller wire.

The only way to make it sharp is when the cable gets worn and it amounts to splinters if you try to slide down it.

Are Chair Lift Wires Sharp

Are Chair Lift Cables Razor Sharp?

No, they’re not. Instead, they are round and smooth. They would wear the machine down if they were sharp.

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